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The bottom line

A monthly commentary by Dennis Peacocke

These commentaries on current events provide a biblical perspective of the world around us.  They are controversial, thought provoking and opposed to conventional secular thought.

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Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Most scholars and theologians agree that the teaching of Jesus on the Kingdom of God pervades his entire Gospel proclamation and appears to have largely determined the course of his ministry. PDF [61 KB] >

The Kingdom and the Culture

This article expresses concern over many twenty-first century churches being led by culture rather than doctrine. PDF [66 KB] >

The Revelation of God

God has a purpose for our lives, which we must discover in order to truly glorify His name and be fruitful for Him. It is only as we walk in this degree of harmony with God that we are able to receive the fullness of His joy in our lives. PDF [129 KB] >

The Word of God In Today’s (Christian) Society

The challenge is around the question of what place should the Word of God have in the Christian way of life?  It will be common knowledge to those in leadership that many Christians do not read or study Scripture a lot. The Barna surveys amongst evangelical Christians in the Western world have revealed that few read their Bibles daily and only a slightly better percentage read them weekly. This is not just a considerable problem for present day Christianity, but one that will also have disastrous long-term consequences. PDF [146 KB] >

The People of God

This essay will focus on the title or image “people of God.” It will briefly examine what this term was intended to mean to the people of the Old Covenant (Israel) and then look at what it means for the New Covenant church both historically and for today. In doing so it will suggest that God’s mandate to His people has remained unchanged throughout the ages. PDF [65 KB] >

Should We Resist Evil?

The priestly prayer of Christ recorded in John 17 made it clear that although, as Christians we are not of this world, we are called to engage in the affairs of this world. Augustine described this aptly by saying we were citizens of two kingdoms, the earthly and the heavenly. Conflict arises when one seems to demand actions or responses that contradict or compromise the other. PDF [120 KB] >

The Beast, the Mark, and 666

Probably no passage of Scripture has had such wide discussion and diversity of opinion than Revelation 13 in regard to the above topics over the last 200 years. More recently it has provoked books, movies, computer games and great discussion amongst Christian and non-Christian alike.

Amazingly, up until the 1800’s, with the exception of a few extreme fringe groups, most of Christendom had accepted a fairly middle of the road interpretation of these passages and had not got involved at all in the different forms of discussion that most of us have encountered today. PDF [169 KB] >

The Trauma of the Cross

Looking at the final week of Jesus life, the emphasis is frequently placed on the physical suffering and torment that He faced from the time He was arrested until His final moment of death on the cross.  In considering this, it seems that a claim is being made that Jesus’ physical suffering was greater than any human being, either before or after Him, ever faced. History does not endorse this view and this essay will argue that an over emphasis of His physical suffering can cause us to miss the heart of what He was really facing during the last week of His life. PDF [61 KB] >

Twenty Five Articles of Faith

Statements of Belief surrounding the Kingdom of God. PDF [65 KB] >

Ten Statements of Faith

Ten Statements of Faith and Understanding Concerning Human Freedom. PDF [17 KB] >

The Ten Commandments

The sum of the Ten Commandments is, “to love the Lord our God” with all our heart, all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind; and our neighbour as ourselves. PDF [12 KB] >