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Most of this material can also be purchased electronically if that is preferred.

Eternity Begins Now - $20


There is a lot being said today about the Kingdom of God. What is it, when is it, and what should it mean for the average believer? Is it relevant to our everyday lives and if so, how? If you have been asking these questions, this book is for you. This book not only gives you an introduction to what the Kingdom of God is, it will also give you invaluable advice and practical steps on how to apply it to your everyday life.

Doing Business God's Way - $20


This is a study of how God manages His resources so we can manage ours in a similar fashion. Dennis draws out twelve principles of management, growth, and productivity that can bring lasting change into the life and culture of those who apply them.

Group Study

Using the Doing Business God's Way as a base the following are also available for group study:

  • Digital audio + workbook —$55.00

  • Leaders guide —$13.00

  • Royalty per student —$12.00

  • Transformation group study manual and slide presentation —$50.00

Living Life God's Way - $80

Eight CDs with manual by Dennis Peacocke.

Providing a practical strategy for victorious living. This series discusses how God is calling men and women today who will move from a defensive life-style with its fears and prisons to an offensive life-style with its risks and freedom. Dennis shares truths which, if practiced, will help free you to live life on the offensive, serving others while experiencing God ‘running over you with blessing.’

The Call of God - $60

Three CDs with manual by Bruce Billington

The call to personal destiny is heard from many quarters of society and conflicting interpretations have caused some confusion.  Bruce clearly lays out what the Bible really has to say about destiny. We cannot discover our destiny as an individual unless we first discover the purposes of God.

Raising the Standard - $35

Four CDs with manual by Bruce Billington

This series, reorded at a conference, is foundational for those who want to understand our times from a biblical perspective and take the 21st century on the offensive. God desires to take us with Him where He is going, are you ready?

The Ten Commandments - $80

Twelve CDs with manual by Stuart Briscoe

An up to date look at the foundations of our faith. Stuart takes us through the 10 Commandments looking at our need to understand what God had in mind for the people of Moses’ time and for us today. Some deep issues covered with wit and reality. Suggest you find a copy of C.S. Lewis’s classic,  Mere Christianity, which is very good to read alongside the homework questions in the manual to ensure your understanding of some foundational issues.

Biblical Thinking in Action - $90

Twelve CDs with manual by Dennis Peacocke & David Barton

A great tool for an understanding of Biblical Worldview. Dennis delivers sound teaching with his customary punch then David Barton talks about the practicalities of ‘Thinking biblically, speaking secularly’. The last four tapes were delivered to a New Zealand audience and carry Dennis’s prophetic insight into our cultural and political scene. A challenge for all Christians determined to make a difference.

Kingdom Perspectives - $95

Ten CDs with manual and book (Treasure in the Field by Brian Watts)

Teaching by Dudley Hall, Dennis Peacocke, Bruce Billington, and Paul Jackson. We believe God intended the church to impact every arena of life and this course helps to establish a Christian perspective which includes, but is wider than, the church. Developed as a stand alone course, Kingdom Perspectives also provides an ideal foundation for those planning to start Strategic Life Training.

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