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and at conferences on the message of the Kingdom of God and working to establish the schools and training facilities GoStrategic offers. He also runs his own consultancy business with the primary aim of helping Christian business people apply the message of the Kingdom of God into their realm of business.

He holds a Bachelor of Theology degree with honours from Otago University and is now working on his Master’s degree in Theology. He is the author of “Eternity Begins Now” a book on the understanding and application of the Kingdom of God


Since 1992 Bruce has given a major portion of his time to promote and establish the vision of GoStrategic around the message of the Kingdom of God in many different nations, including the setting up and overseeing of the schools and the support of church leaders who wish to apply the message of the Kingdom through their church ministries. He has travelled over two million air miles and has ministered in 23 different nations


Bruce is married to Linda and they reside in Wellington, New Zealand. He has two adult children who are both married and are involved in various aspects of the ministry with him. He has 7 grandchildren. 

Bruce Billington

Bruce is an international speaker, mentor, and consultant to both churches and businesses. Prior to ministry, he spent 18 years in his own business. In his role for GoStrategic, Bruce travels constantly to many parts of the world speaking in churches


David Holmyard

David Holmyard has 30 years experience in the mining and metals industry, and is currently Director of Technical Marketing and Technology Sales - he holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Mechanical).  Throughout his career he has

managed global technical and engineering teams to deliver projects throughout the world in regions including Asia, the Middle East, India, Europe and North America.

He has lived cross culturally, residing in France for 4 years from 2009-2013 and still has a strong affinity with the country and its people.  His passion in the buisness world is the same as his private life - encoraging people to live out their calling to the fullest extent possible. 


David currently sits on the Board of 3 ministry organisations including SRT.


David has been married to Natalie for 30 years (the love of his life) and together they have raised 5 children - 2 of whom are now married and raising children of their own. He loves working in ministry with his children and sons in law and looks forward to continuing to build a Kingdom heart in his growing family and fellowship community.  


Linda Billington

Linda Billington has been married to Bruce for 8 wonderful years and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren from her first marriage.  She was born in New Zealand and spent 13 years in Arizona in the USA.  Her career has primarily been in administration, but 6 years ago she branched out

and started her own online CV Writing business which has thrived and she now does this full-time.  She is New Zealand’s only Certified Advanced Resume Writer.


Linda is very thankful to have believed in God all her life, but started her personal journey with him at the age of 16, after being miraculously healed from a serious burn resulting from a motorbike accident.  She has been heavily involved in music, self-learning and playing guitar and piano and has played both of these instruments in church bands for many years.  She has also been privileged to preach and teach and after meeting Bruce, has shared messages to audiences around the world.  Linda has led home groups and been on church advisory boards.


The message of the Kingdom that Bruce carries resonates with her completely and she is delighted that her children are all walking with the Lord and taking that message on board as well.  Linda is determined and committed to finishing well the race she began 42 years ago.


Natalie Holmyard

Natalie Holmyard has spent the last 26 years taining and home schooling her five children - current ages from 30 to 17. She has now retired from this endeavour and is currently working alongside 2 of her children and 4 of her

grandchildren as they walk out this same calling.

Natalie has been involved with SRT since 1997, is a graduate of of both the GoLife and GoBusiness Schools as well as  the GoBusiness Graduate School. She is a current student of the GoCitizen School. Natalie has been a facilitator and mentor of students in GoLife and GoBusiness.  She has also been an Elder in a cross cultural church in the South of France and is currently leading with her husband a Home Fellowship Group in Group.  


Natalie along with David currently sits on the Board of 3 ministry organisations including SRT.  


Natalie has been married to David for 30 years, has raised 5 children to adulthood and is loving being close in proximity to her 4 grandchildren.  She is passionate about the Kingdom of God, family and the growing and developing of children in a biblical context and hopes to spend the next decade working in this arena, in both her own growing family and in connected communities. 


Carl Billington

Carl is a freelance contractor and consultant with a number of different government agencies to help design the way they engage with people and communities. He works full-time in his own company, Inspired Lives, but also runs a small local church and

a number of community initiatives, including a family boardgames club and a self-defence school. 


Carl holds a first-class masters degree in communication from the University of Waikato and has been working professionally in the education, health, and infrastructure sectors since 2001. 


He is married to Karla and they are raising three children together. Carl is a dedicated student of scripture, several different styles of martial arts, and heavy metal guitar. He lives life to the full and aims to help others do the same.