Strategic Resource Training (SRT) is an international ministry supporting those who desire to express the Kingdom of God in all spheres of life including: personal, family, business, church, and civic life. It is registered in New Zealand as a Charitable Trust and has donor registration meaning all donations made in N.Z. are tax deductible. SRT provides conferences, seminars, training materials, and itinerant ministry.

SRT is a partner to Strategic Christian Services in the US and is responsible for its work in the Asia Pacific region. This includes the oversight and operation of the BLS and SLT schools and the supply of all materials relating to these and other related ministries.

SRT is facilitated by Strategic resources ministries trust. The trust is run by our board of directors:

Bruce Billington is a consultant to church and business leaders. He spent 18 years in his own business, employing a staff of 20. His consulting work focuses on most aspects of business leadership. Bruce has the ability to get alongside business leaders and help them bring clarity to their vision and direction, strategising how this can be best implemented within their company. He brings an excellent insight as to how Biblical principles apply in the business realm.

As a Biblical teacher Bruce travels to many parts of the world speaking in churches and at conferences with an emphasis on the Kingdom of God. He served as an elder of Christian Fellowship in Upper Hutt for 25 years and still works with the leadership team bringing an emphasis on the development of the kingdom vision.

Bruce is married to Linda and resides in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. He has two adult children and seven grandchildren. He is the author of the book entitled  “Eternity Begins Now.”

Marie Martin has been involved with SRT for some years now. She and her husband Matt both saw the vibrant life talked about so often in Christian and Church circles, being outworked through the Business Leadership School material. It transformed her way of thinking about work and has since led her to train and start her own business in the fashion industry, working as an Image Consultant. She enjoys public speaking and inspiring others to fully realise their potential. Marie lives in Upper Hutt with her husband Matt and the youngest of their 3 children.

Carl Billington